Style Guide Podcast

A small batch series of interviews on Style Guides, hosted by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost.


Season 2

  1. maya-benari.jpg 20

    Maya Benari

    Maya gives us an overview of the work she’s doing with 18F on a set of standards that are improving the usability and accessibility of US government websites.

  2. inayaili-de-leon-persson.jpg 19

    Inayaili de León Persson

    Inayaili takes us through her work at Canonical in helping build and manage their open source design system, and how she encourages designers and developers to refer and contribute to it.

  3. jina-anne.jpg 18

    Jina Anne

    Jina returns to the show to share her experience of working on Salesforce’s legendary Lightning Design System.

  4. josh-clark.jpg 17

    Josh Clark

    This week, we’re joined by Josh Clark who works with clients on their design systems. He shares his approach to designing them, and how he makes sure they continue to be maintained.

  5. micah-godbolt.jpg 16

    Micah Godbolt

    Micah talks to us about working on Microsoft’s design system, Fabric. Among other things, he describes how the team uses visual regression testing for quality control.

  6. val-head.jpg 15

    Val Head

    In this episode, Val Head gives us an insight into the world of animation, and the ways she factors it into design systems.

  7. mina-markham.jpg 14

    Mina Markham

    We’re joined by Mina Markham who worked on Pantsuit, the UI pattern library for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. She’s now a Senior Engineer at Slack.

  8. anna-brad.jpg 13

    Anna and Brad

    Anna and Brad talk about what’s changed since the first season of the Style Guides Podcast, and talk about what topics they’d like to cover this season.

Season 1

  1. jeremy-keith.jpg 12

    Jeremy Keith

    In our grand finale, Jeremy wraps up our small-batch podcast by talking about style guides from an agency’s perspective.

  2. nathan-curtis.jpg 11

    Nathan Curtis

    Nathan joins us to talk about the style guides he’s worked on, and some of the things he’s gleaned from user research.

  3. rob-huddleston.jpg 10

    Rob Huddleston

    Rob Huddleston gives us an overview of Capital One’s style guide and how it has evolved over the years.

  4. dave-rupert.jpg 9

    Dave Rupert

    Dave, and his soundboard, join us to talk about’s redesign, modular CSS, and the quest for the holy grail of style guides.

  5. susan-robertson.jpg 8

    Susan Robertson

    Susan talks about the style guides she’s worked on, and the range of generators she’s researched.

  6. samantha-warren.jpg 7

    Samantha Warren

    Samantha introduces us to Style Tiles, how they came about, how to create your own, and when to use them.

  7. ian-feather.jpg 6

    Ian Feather

    Ian talks to us about his work on Lonely Planet’s style guide, and the tool that makes it “living”.

  8. dan-mall.jpg 5

    Dan Mall

    This week, Dan joins us to talk about Element Collages, and how he uses style guides to help build multi-platform, multi-lingual websites.

  9. dave-olsen.jpg 4

    Dave Olsen

    Dave Olsen talks about his work on Pattern Lab, and how style guides have influenced the web design process at West Virginia University.

  10. lincoln-mongillo.jpg 3

    Lincoln Mongillo

    In our third episode, we talk with Lincoln Mongillo who helped build Starbucks’s style guide, and is now working on one at Simple.

  11. federico-holgado.jpg 2

    Federico Holgado

    Federico gives us some insight into the evolution of MailChimp’s UI style guide, and how it has helped improve the site.

  12. jina-bolton.jpg 1

    Jina Bolton

    Jina talks about building style guides back in 2004, and how they have changed over the years.