Style Guide Podcast

A small batch series of interviews on Style Guides, hosted by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost.

  1. jeremy-keith.jpg 12

    Jeremy Keith

    In our grand finale, Jeremy wraps up our small-batch podcast by talking about style guides from an agency’s perspective.

  2. nathan-curtis.jpg 11

    Nathan Curtis

    Nathan joins us to talk about the style guides he’s worked on, and some of the things he’s gleaned from user research.

  3. rob-huddleston.jpg 10

    Rob Huddleston

    Rob Huddleston gives us an overview of Capital One’s style guide and how it has evolved over the years.

  4. dave-rupert.jpg 9

    Dave Rupert

    Dave, and his soundboard, join us to talk about’s redesign, modular CSS, and the quest for the holy grail of style guides.

  5. susan-robertson.jpg 8

    Susan Robertson

    Susan talks about the style guides she’s worked on, and the range of generators she’s researched.

  6. samantha-warren.jpg 7

    Samantha Warren

    Samantha introduces us to Style Tiles, how they came about, how to create your own, and when to use them.

  7. ian-feather.jpg 6

    Ian Feather

    Ian talks to us about his work on Lonely Planet’s style guide, and the tool that makes it “living”.

  8. dan-mall.jpg 5

    Dan Mall

    This week, Dan joins us to talk about Element Collages, and how he uses style guides to help build multi-platform, multi-lingual websites.

  9. dave-olsen.jpg 4

    Dave Olsen

    Dave Olsen talks about his work on Pattern Lab, and how style guides have influenced the web design process at West Virginia University.

  10. lincoln-mongillo.jpg 3

    Lincoln Mongillo

    In our third episode, we talk with Lincoln Mongillo who helped build Starbucks’s style guide, and is now working on one at Simple.

  11. federico-holgado.jpg 2

    Federico Holgado

    Federico gives us some insight into the evolution of MailChimp’s UI style guide, and how it has helped improve the site.

  12. jina-bolton.jpg 1

    Jina Bolton

    Jina talks about building style guides back in 2004, and how they have changed over the years.