Style Guide Podcast

A small batch series of interviews on Style Guides, hosted by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost.


Season 2

  1. Mina Markham
  2. Anna and Brad

Season 1

  1. Jeremy Keith
  2. Nathan Curtis
  3. Rob Huddleston
  4. Dave Rupert
  5. Susan Robertson
  6. Samantha Warren
  7. Ian Feather
  8. Dan Mall
  9. Dave Olsen
  10. Lincoln Mongillo
  11. Federico Holgado
  12. Jina Bolton
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Podcasts (11)

Episodes from various podcasts where style guides are discussed.

  • Building Scalable Design Systems and Style Guides

    Nathan Curtis, co-founder of EightShapes, has worked with component libraries and style guides for years. He says that when you’re thinking about all the platforms that comprise the totality of an experience, these patterns (such as a sign in a form, or elements like buttons) need to be more broadly applicable. It’s one thing to creature the structure and layout, then thread all the pieces together for a single app or web page, but when that app needs to scale across platforms, it suddenly becomes a very different animal.

  • Developing a Living Style Guide with CSS

    The notion of being a “designer who can code” has been a prevalent topic in recent years. Delivering static PDFs and working in photoshop is seen as inefficient in some circles. Being able to create a clickable or even responsive mockup to present to developers and stakeholders can be a better way to show your intent. It’s also much easier to iterate by changing a few lines of code.

    • living
  • Giant Paradigm Shifts and Other Delights With Brad Frost

    Jeffrey interviews Brad about his career, and they discuss Pattern Lab and style guides.

  • Shoptalk 132 - with Ian Feather

    In this episode Dave & Chris were joined by Ian Feather. Ian is the Client Side Technical Lead at Lonely Planet. Before getting into the Q&A they talk about Ian’s involvement and experiences in the making of Lonely Planet’s styleguide.

  • Style Guides, or A Thousand Special Cases

    We discuss front end style guides, and how they can speed up and improve the development process for not only the front end person, but also for the back end devs, designer, and everyone else on the team. We also chat about public speaking and presentations, and how much Joel loves her slide deck from RefreshPDX.

  • Why Don't Style Guides Ever Work?

    How to scale design as companies grow, what it takes to create consistent experiences, and how style guides never work except when they do.