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Conference presentations about style guides.

  • A Vision for Style Guides in 2015

    By Nico Hagenburger at CSSDevConf, Nightly Build

    Using a style guide as an API and central testing hub. (Video recording linked below the slides.)

  • Atomic Design

    By Brad Frost at Webdagene 2014

    Atomic design is a methodology for creating robust interface design systems.

  • Atoms, Modules and Other Fancy Particles - Part I

    By Alla Kholmatova at SmashingConf San Francisco 2016

    In this talk we’ll look at what it actually means to have a resistant design system and a shared pattern language in your team. We’ll talk through the steps to get there, as well as mistakes, stumbling blocks, and lessons learnt.

  • Atoms, Modules and Other Fancy Particles - Part II

    By Alla Kholmatova at SmashingConf NYC 2016

    In this talk we’ll look at what it actually means to have a resistant design system and a shared pattern language in your team. We’ll talk through the steps to get there, as well as mistakes, stumbling blocks, and lessons learnt.

  • Build your own Bootstrap

    By Mark Otto at FOWA 2013

  • Building Style Guides with Jekyll

    By Michael Jovel at JekyllConf

    Talk includes an overview of style guides and pattern libraries and an overview on how to use Jekyll and collections to automate the build of a style guide.

  • CSS Systems for writing maintainable CSS

    By Natalie Downe at BarCamp London 5

    A CSS System is a reusable set of content-oriented markup patterns and associated CSS created to express a site’s individual design. It is the end result of a process that emphasizes up-front planning, loose coupling between CSS and markup, pre-empting browser bugs and overall robustness. It also incorporates a shared vocabulary for developers to communicate the intent of the code.

  • Components & SGDD of the CF Developer Console

    By Nicole Sullivan and Colin 0'Byrne at Pivotal Labs

    Colin O’Byrne and Nicole Sullivan talk about Style Guide Driven Development, a term that was coined in the New York office of Pivotal Labs.

  • Creating Living Style Guides to Improve Performance

    By Nicole Sullivan

    Nicole Sullivan gives a talk about her experience working with Trulia to create a living style guide.

  • Creating a style guide for...Everything!

    By Michael Austin Sui and Josh Sassoon at Google I/O 2014

    A talk about what it takes to define a brand book and style guide for YouTube.

  • Design Pattern Craftsmanship

    By Jason Beaird at Forge Conference

    My first Design Pattern Craftsmanship talk in 2012 was presented at Etsy’s Code as Craft series and I talked about MailChimp’s original UI Pattern Library. Since then, we’ve redesigned and rebuilt our pattern library, so V2 of the talk covers the history, challenges, and benefits of our exploration of front-end patterns.

  • Design Pattern Libraries

    By Brian Peppler at University of Illinois Web Conference

    Design Pattern Libraries explores the process of creating, maintaining, and evolving a design language using a pattern library.

  • Design systems

    By Benno Loewenberg at Fluxible, Toronto 2017

    Benno Loewenberg explains why design systems are useful, the goals that they should accomplish, and how modular design can help to accomplish these goals.

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  • Design systems

    By Richard Saunders at Zengenti Rocket Conference 2014

    We are not designing for mobiles, tablets or desktops but a medium that is volatile. Richard Saunders looks at the elements that make up a responsible responsive design project in an ever changing landscape.

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  • Designing Systems - Theory, Practice, and the Unfortunate In-Between

    By Paul Lloyd at Smashing Conference Freiburg 2016

    A talk that reviews the emergence of design systems on the web and compares current practice with the development of older systems that have endured over many decades.

  • Fight the Zombie Pattern Library

    By John Gully and Marcelo Somers at Big Design Conference 2015

    A look at repeatable processes to implement Pattern Libraries in your product design and development workflow, so you can fight the slow rot of your interface design (and its underlying code) as your product grows and evolves.

  • From Pages To Patterns - How Pattern Libraries Are Changing the Face of the Web

    By Laura Elizabeth at State of the Browser 5

    How pattern libraries are changing the way the web works and why it is useful for bridging the communication gap between developers and designers.

  • How UI Framework Improves Design Process-2015 Dribble Meetup

    By Marian Mota

    Learn how UI Framework improves design process and why pattern libraries help improve communication and inconsistencies within the project.

  • How UI Framework improves design process

    By Marian Mota

    Learn how UI Framework improves design process and why it is helpful for building web software products and encouraging rapid prototyping in Agile software enviroments

  • Integrating User Interface Design Specifications

    By Keith Instone at IUE2012

  • Living Design Systems

    By Jina Bolton at CSSconf EU 2014

    Style Guides are a great step towards keeping everything aligned – across devices and platforms, across a range of products and features. Learn from a product designer’s perspective how she and her teams have strived to maintain a “single source of truth” for a truly living spec through a living style guide.

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  • Maintaining Own Components Library with Living Style Guides

    By Robert Haritonov at Amsterdam Meetup

    An in-depth overview of Style Guide tools with focus on building own Component Library. Talk covers all kind of tooling strategies and gathers relevant recommendations for different teams and projects.

  • Modern Style Guides for a Better Tomorrow

    By Shay Howe

  • Practical, maintainable CSS

    By Natalie Downe at Girl Geeks of Brighton

    Natalie Downe from Clearleft specialises in creating high quality client-side code on agency deadlines. In this talk she shares her development process, from planning through to delivery of a full CSS system optimised for maintenance by a client. The talk includes CSS rules of thumb developed over seven years in the field, as well as tips for taming the beast that is Internet Explorer.

  • Reducing Complexity With a Component API

    By Ian Feather at Front End Ops Conference 2014

    I discuss some of the challenges we face managing User Interface complexity and how we tackled them at Lonely Planet. The talk eventually focuses on Rizzo: Lonely Planet’s Style Guide.

  • Sass and Pattern-Lab team workflow using Vagrant/Puppet

    By Kevin Newman, Daigo Fujiwara, Fred Lalande and Matt Wagner at Cascade BOS

    The Harvard Business Review team explains how they established a pattern-driven workflow to launch their new responsive site.

  • Style Guide Driven Development

    By Nico Hagenburger at Up.front, RUG-B, Front-end Finland

    Introducing the concept of Style Guide Driven Development

  • Style Guides & Pattern Libraries: A Foundation to Consistency

    By Vicky Teinaki at DotYork

    Write up of a talk given by Rob Whiting on using style guides & pattern libraries to aid in the production of a consistent, usable system.

  • Style Guides in the Wild

    By Matt Bee at Sevenoaks Web Scene - April 2016

    An introduction to Living Style Guides and case study showcasing the success of the Brighton Fringe Festival Style Guide.

  • Style Guides, Pattern Libraries, Design Systems and other amenities

    By Cristiano Rastelli

    Cristiano Rastelli answers questions on how and why style guides, pattern libraries, and design systems became important. Rastelli also explains what a style guid is, the value and benefits, and whether they can be used on platforms other than the web.

  • Style Guides: Why Bother?

    By Susan Robertson at SmashingConf Whistler 2014

    Style guides often seem like a lot of work, why would you want to bother doing one? A style guide can increase performance of your site, the quickness with which you can add on new features and sections to your site or application, and it’s great documentation for new team members to get up-to-speed. In this session we’ll take a look at the benefits of creating and maintaining a style guide. In addition, we’ll take a look at a few different case studies of style guides; how to create them, how they were useful in cutting code, and how they were used to do design changes quickly.

  • Style Guides: Why I love them

    By Susan Robertson at Refresh Portland

    A talk given at RefreshPDX on how Susan came to love style guides and why she thinks they are an essential part of a site or application.

  • Takeaways from the DSCONF 2018

    By DSCONF 2018 speakers at DSCONF 2018

    The DSConf was a 2-day conference dedicated to Design Systems. Talks and workshops alike aimed to bring people together to exchange ideas, solutions and inspirations and show how Design Systems (a.k.a. DS) can help build better products more efficiently.

  • Taking Development Tools To The Next Level

    By Robert Haritonov at Front End Ops Conference 2014

    Talk about an evolution of living style guide engine from basic catalogue to integrated development and front-end components management tool (IME).

  • The Dream of Styleguide Driven Development

    By Sara Vieira at React Alicante 2017

    With the use of React, CSS Modules, Flow and Snapshot testing we were able to almost remove style regressions. In this talk you get a glimpse of you can start styleguide driven development and how you can sell this dream to your project managers.

  • The death of lorem ipsum and pixel-perfect content

    By Dave Olsen at Confab Higher Ed 2014

    Dave Olsen explains the many benefits of a pattern-based workflow: encourages communication between disciplines, establishes a shared vocabulary, help us focus, makes testing easier, and encourages reuse and extensibility.